Judge hands down sentence in 2008 murder, burglary case

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A judge had to decide the sentencing fate in a complicated 2008 burglary and murder case; it boils down to how much time Amy Dewitt should spend behind bars for those charges, or if she should even spend time behind bars.

The attorney for Dewitt went head to head with the Commonwealth Attorney's office in court today.

It all stems from a burglary in October of 2008.

That's when her uncle was shot and killed, while he apparently tried to break into a Pleasure Ridge Park apartment.

Shortly thereafter, Dewitt was jailed on a tampering with evidence charge.

Months later, the Commonwealth then added murder and burglary to those charges.

The sentencing for all of that was determined Wednesday, October 20.

Dewitt's attorney wanted probation, citing that she's already been behind bars for two years, and the murder of her uncle wasn't intentional.

The Commonwealth, however, argued that her criminal past and substance abuse problems spoke for themselves

Ultimately, the judge had to decide.

"Probation would be inappropriate because when I look at her history, I think she needs to spend more time getting some help, both with her addiction and hopefully with some vocational training and basically it seems like every time we get her under our thumb she gets better, but then we turn her loose and bad things start to happen again," Judge Charles Cunningham, Jr.

Dewitt was sentenced to 5-years behind bars, and is eligible for parole after a year.

Now remember.. She's already served 2-years, so that means she has 3-left, and is parole eligible.

It's now up to the parole board to decide if she'll be a candidate for that.