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Firefighters continue to keep an eye on hot spots in Fort Duffield

By Maira Ansari - bio | email

WEST POINT, KY (WAVE) - Firefighters have stayed busy the last few days in the Fort Knox and Fort Duffield area, trying to get wildfires and smoke under control. The smell of soot and ash has blanketed the area.

In West Point, wildfires broke out on Saturday. The fires are out but, smoke could still be seen on Monday.

West Point Fire Chief Jeff Wright says the wildfire is pretty much contained and they are just looking for hot spots.

The smoke is what has residents like Gary Brewer concerned. He watched the flames from his house last night and didn't get much sleep.

"Biggest part of the night I was doing a whole lot of praying and a whole lot of watching".

More than 200 acres at Fort Duffield burned after dry conditions sparked wildfires in the area. Chief Wright says the little rain we got on Monday helped.

"We get some drizzling rain in here and get the dry stuff to get some dampness," said Chief Wright. "It's gonna burn itself out."

Chief Wright says they will keep a close eye on the area to make sure the hot spots say under control.  He says he hopes Tuesday's rain will help.

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