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Final debate held in Indiana senate race

VINCENNES, IN (WAVE) - The final debate for Indiana's senate hopefuls was held Monday night in Vincennes.  

One voter asked about amnesty for illegal immigrants, which is something that led to a bit of a squabble between Republican Dan Coats and Democrat Brad Ellsworth.  This comes after Coats said he was against amnesty.

Ellsworth pointed out Coats voted for amnesty while in office.

"I don't support amnesty. I don't think we've secured the border like the government promised. I don't blame the state of Arizona for taking the measures they have taken.  The government didn't live up to its responsibility," said Coats.

This is something the federal government should have done a long time ago, if they would have enforced the laws on the books, we wouldn't be in this situation we're in today. We do need to secure our borders," said Ellsworth.

Recent polls show Coats with a double-digit lead in the race.

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