House Divided by the Old Rivalry

(LOUISVILLE, KY) (WAVE) - On Friday night Male and Manual meet in the annual renewal of the "Old Rivalry." The two schools first met on the football field in 1893. For one local household, it will be a night of mixed emotions.

Keron Wakefield is a junior defensive back for Manual, his father, Ron, is an assistant coach for Male. "It's gonna be fun. My son, he's been talking all year, his friends have been talking all year, so it's put up or shut up right now," Ron Wakefield said.

Keron has also done his share of talking. "When we win, I'm just gonna give it him, because he's been giving it to me since the beginning of the school year."

Manual head coach Oliver Lucas joked that he has told Ron Wakefield to stay at least three blocks from the school this week.

Ron Wakefield says his wife, Lakita, will probably be pulling for her baby. There is a little side wager, the loser has to do jumping jacks at the 50 yard line spelling out either M-A-L-E or M-A-N-U-A-L.

Kick off is set for 7:30 p.m. on Friday night at Male. We'll have all  the highlights on "Touchdown Friday Night."