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NOV. 22
I'm starting to feel skinny in my old clothes.  Its such a good feeling.  i cant wait to buy some new clothes but waiting until the after Christmas sells.  If you are listening Santa.....I need new clothes!

NOV. 21
It was such a nice day outside, I decided to walk. I put my headphones on and listened to a book on tape.

NOV 20
The workout with the trainer at Taylorsville Road location is getting a tad easier.  The first session with the exercise stations, I could only do about 20 seconds and now I can do each station for about 45 seconds.  I can feel me getting stronger.

NOV. 19
I woke up early so I could workout on the elliptical.  I increased the resistance so my body would not get used to the same activity. I hoped it worked because my legs sure were tricked.

NOV. 18
Bummer I only lost 3 lbs. I thought for sure I would lose 4 but oh well. After a hard workout with Amy (our trainer) I treated myself to Sushi. I could eat sushi everyday of the week. Sushi is good for you - just not the soy sauce.

I used the low sodium but it's still a ton. I figured I could treat myself since we do not weigh in for two weeks due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

NOV. 15
Worked out with Andrea today at LAC on Westport.  She showed me some great exercise to help gain muscle and strengthen my core.  I hate to post this but had to take a nap when I came home.

NOV. 14
I took the day off today. I slept until 10am then went to the Churchill Downs with friends. It was a beautiful day and won $5 dollars. At least today I was not a LOSER.

NOV. 13 - It's so hard going tailgating and parties and that's what I have on today's agenda.  Tailgating at the UofL game vs USF and then a surprise birthday party for my dad. He is going to be 70 years old and in great shape. He works out at the YMCA 5 days a week and is in great shape.

He has also helped me workout during this process. I have trouble not eating all the appetizers...I would rather eat appetizers than a real meal. BUT I did awesome today. I was dreading it but when I was hungry I eat celery sticks. Not much fun but very healthy.

I'm so proud of myself because I have not cheated once during the 5 weeks. Yipppie

NOV. 11
I think I have to work out hard each week. I lost 4lbs last night and was thrilled at weigh-in until I found out my competition lost 5 and 6 lbs.  Bummer! I'm glad for them but bummed out for me.

I can do this!

NOV. 10
Each Wednesday we meet with our trainer Amy and she puts us through the hardest workout ever. She cut down the time between exercises. This really gets your heart rate up and feels great when it's over.

I like working out with her and Andrea. They have so much energy and make working out fun. I encourage anyone who needs a jump start or looking for a different kind of workout book a session now.

NOV. 9
It's weird, the exercise and foods choices are getting easier but the weight loss is getting harder. Seems like I've hit a wall. A BIG WALL.

I was not big on weighing everyday. But now I am. The scale has not moved in three days. I'm starting to get worried. I would hate to put in all this effort and only lose one pound. Come on metabolism - you cannot let me down five weeks into this.....I think I have not been eating enough but it seems silly to keep eating when I'm not hungry.

HOW ironic is that! Eating when I'm not hungry is how I got this way. I keep saying I'm going to try the spinning class so maybe now is a good time.

I'll let you know how it goes.

NOV. 8
Walked another 30 mins on the elliptical, and walked 3 miles at work.

NOV. 7
I hope I do not regret this but I took the day off. The only exercise I had was photographing a Senior from PRP for her Senior Pictures, taking pictures at my neighbors volleyball game, folding laundry and walking my dog for one mile. I think my body need the rest. Because, I also took a two hour nap!

NOV. 5
I worked out this morning before I went to work. I did 30 mins on the elliptical. I feel really good after I work out in the morning. If it feels so good after its finished, why does it take so much energy to get out of bed and just DO IT. I treated myself to sushi. Its on the meal plan we have. I bought the shrimp roll from Kroger's. No breading and I used the low sodium soy sauce.

NOV. 4
I love every other Thursday when we are on "Wave 3 Listens". Its so much fun being on TV. I feel like a movie star. Even thou I lost both of the fitness challenges, I still have a great time. I keep telling my husband that I'm going to get a TV Reality show from this competition! I might get a role with "Situation" and Snoockie"

NOV. 3
Tonight was workout with the trainers night…We went outside and walk-jogged two miles. I was with the walking group but tried to push it as hard as I could. With my knees, I'm not able to run and miss working out with the team. I do think running is a better workout then walking but I don't want to take a chance on injuring my knee and wont be able to workout.

NOV. 1
I woke up early today and used the elliptical for 30 mins. I'm proud of myself because last week I could only go 15 mins. I also walked the dog for 1 mile but not sure if this is considered exercise. He stops and smells a lot! Oh well, calories IN, calories OUT. Cant wait to see what tomorrow holds.

OCT. 31
Had a great day working out today.  My dad called and wanted to go walking with me.  We walked 4 miles and had a great time talking and laughing. Before I knew it the walk was over.  It helps walking with a friend or family member...Thank you daddy, I love you! 

Believe it or not, Halloween was not that hard for me. My favorite candy is Laffy Taffy, Sweet Tarts, and anything sour. I bought Reese Cups so I would not be tempted.

OCT. 30
The workout today with the trainers was hard since my arms are still so weak. I still cannot hold my body up for very long while doing the PLANK...Don't know what a PLANK exercise is???? It's an exercise where you balance youR body on your toes and elbows. It's for strengthening your core. I can hold it longer than I could 3 weeks ago but still not for the 60 secs the trainers want you to hold it.

OCT. 26
These last two weeks have really been an eye opening experience. I knew I was out of shape, but had no idea how bad.  I think your mind plays tricks on us.  My mind still thinks I'm 22 and can do all the things I could back then.  But my body's refusing to do what I ask of it. It's a constant tug of war.

But I think I'm winning the war.

Another aspect I'm having a hard time dealing with is traveling for work. At home, you have your routine and all your meals prepared for the week. It's a no brainer. The hotel has a full breakfast bar with lots of tempting goodies. I mean baddest!

Then I'm traveling with someone so we compromise on restaurant for lunch and dinner. Last night was very hard. One of my favorite restaurants is "Chevy's." It's a Mexican restaurant and it's the best Mexican food I've ever had. You cannot find this restaurant in Louisville but you can in Texas! I could eat their chips and salsa all day long.

I told my travel partner we can eat anywhere but "Chevy's."

Oh well, I guess this is part of life and I need to get use to it because I want to lose weight and keep it off for life!

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