Group pressures prosecution in U of L player's claims of self-defense

Louisville, KY - By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It was the middle of September when an early-morning confrontation in downtown Louisville took place between two U of L athletes.

More than a month later, the fall out continues.  There are new developments on the Daniel Convington-Isiah Howes case.

Howes shot and killed Convington in mid-September, police initially said in self-defense.   But questions about this case have lingered ever since.

A community group that pushed for a thorough police investigation now wants to see the Commonwealth's Attorney's office also do an extensive review.

The Justice Resource Center says it has received around 50 letters from all across the country voicing concerns that there's been an injustice in this case.

That's because Howes hasn't been charged with the shooting or anything related to it.

Those letters were delivered to the Commonwealth's Attorney's office Friday morning, in hopes of stressing the group's belief that Howes's self-defense claims shouldn't stick in this case.

The group is concerned about how quickly police called the shooting self defense and is trying to put pressure on the prosecutors reviewing the case to file some sort of charge against Howes.

"It just doesn't smell right because every time something comes up and every time we keep talking about this story, something is jumping out there that hits us and all of us knows about a lie - sooner or later you're going to unravel it so we want the truth," said Rev. Milton Seymore with the Justice Resource Center.

The Commonwealth took the letters and says it will look them over, but adds that its review will focus on the facts given by the investigating agency.  In this case that's LMPD.

Howes's family has spoken exclusively with WAVE 3 News in the past, backing up Isaiah's claims that it was self defense.

He is facing a possession of marijuana charge, which is working its way through the legal system and goes back to court in January of 2011.

The Commonwealth's Attorney's office says it is reviewing the other more serious case and will at some point decide if it should go to the grand jury to decide on charges.  A spokesperson said he doesn't know when that will happen.

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