U.S. Senate hopefuls travel throughout Kentucky the weekend before the election

Rand Paul
Rand Paul
Jack Conway
Jack Conway

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Candidates are making a number of stops in Kentucky the weekend before the election.

In three days, voters will head to the polls to chose the candidates they want in office. The heated U.S. Senate race between Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Jack Conway has received national attention.

As it comes down to the wire, both Paul and Conway made several stops in Kentucky on Saturday to meet voters.

Paul thanked voters in London, Lexington, Louisville, and Bowling Green. In Louisville, the eye doctor made a swift entrance into the Jefferson County Republican Headquarters on Champions Trace Lane.

Reporter: "What does this say to you, seeing all these supporters here"?

Paul: "That I think we have a lot of momentum. I think we've had big crowds across the state".

Paul seemed pleased with his position in the race, three days shy of Tuesday's election. "What's coming on Tuesday -I think- is something big. I think there's going to be a big tea party title wave where we're going to rock the world," Paul told the crowd.

Several volunteers spent the day calling registered Republicans and supporters. Representatives with the Jefferson County GOP said they planned to make 10,000 phone calls on Saturday alone.

During Paul's close to 6 minute speech, the U.S. Senate hopeful did not mention his opponents name, Jack Conway, instead he went above that, attacking the current administration. "This year promises to be one of the biggest years ever because we've got one of the biggest recruiters we've ever had in the White House," Paul said.

"We're going to have the biggest victory Tuesday night that's ever been had," Linda Huber, Executive Board of the Republican Committee, said.

Huber is confident people will vote Rand Paul, Toddy Lally, and Hal Heiner into office.

But, supporters of Jack Conway, John Yarmuth, and Greg Fischer disagree. Wednesday night, the democrats rallied at the American Legion Assembly Hall

for the 'Metro Louisville Rally'. The Metro Democratic Club hosted it.

"We have to have Jefferson County and we have to have it big Tuesday night. And, we're going to get it with your help," Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Jack Conway said on Wednesday.

On Saturday Conway traveled to Bowling Green, Philpot, Henderson, Waverly, Dixon, and Paducah on Saturday, trying to get voters to the polls. Conway said he is trying to counter attacks made by outside conservative groups.

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