Voting Underway in KY, IN

Louisville, KY (WAVE-TV)  General election day voting is underway in Kentucky and Indiana today.

The polls opened at 6am in both states, and voters tell WAVE3 waits of up to 20 minutes were common throughout the morning rush hour.

In Jefferson County, a Board of Elections spokesman confirms they sent a technician to one location.

WAVE-3 received a tip from a voter at the Middletown Fire Station on Shelbyville Road who voted around 640am.

The voter says, a machine was down at the precinct where he voted, but did see a machine take another voter's ballot.

The Jefferson County Board of Elections says: they cannot confirm that people were turned away without casting a vote at that location. They a can say there was a problem with "accu-vote" at that precinct. Technicians were sent to that location to correct the problem, and all the ballots were accepted. They emphasize no one should have been turned away.

In Oldham County, another voter let us know there were no paper ballots available for the Crestwood city races at the South Oldham Middle School voting location.

We contacted the voter registration office in Oldham County. Workers were taking 800 paper ballots to that location for those who prefer using paper ballots, but they encouraged voters to use the machines available.

We were told the electronic machines were still available to voters, including an extra one put at that precinct when they discovered the issue. Those machines have city races listed.

Clerks' offices tell us they will troubleshoot any reports of issues throughout the day to make sure voting continues to go smoothly.

The Jefferson County Board of Elections say that turnout has been steady at the 255 locations and the voters say they are excited about the election and getting their voices heard.

"If you don't have a chance to vote, you don't really have a chance to have a say in the matter, so I think everyone should get out and vote their choices," said Kent Groemling who voted on Tuesday morning.

"I can't remember the last time I didn't vote. I've always been interested in what I can do to be a part of making things better," said Jenny Sawyer who voted at Bellarmine University on Tuesday.

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