Political newcomer wins Indiana's 9th Congressional District Seat

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

BLOOMINGTON, IN (WAVE) - It was a big win election night for a political newcomer. Republican Todd Young defeated Incumbent Baron Hill for the 9th Congressional District Seat.

Shortly after 9p.m. Tuesday, Young spoke with Hill over the phone. "I'm grateful for that. We look forward to working with you actively for a smooth transition and wish you and your family very well sir," Young said.

As soon as he hung up the phone, Young looked at his supporters and yelled 'we won' as cheers erupted. Young told his supporters all their hard work paid off election night. He said it is time to take Congress back.

Young said he had two speeches prepared because he did not know which direction the race was headed. But, he said he was always confident he had an edge.

During his victory speech Young said, "We proved the pundits and the experts wrong didn't we! And now it's time we prove the naysayers and we turn this country around".

Young told the crowd he understands hard work will begin -immediately. To the people who did not vote for him he had a message. "I promise you I will work very hard to win your support to defend your interest in the fight for your state and out country. You have this Marines word on it," Young said.

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