Firefighter's future still up in air after two arrests in 2010

Gary Crowe
Gary Crowe

Clarksville, IN - By Matt McCutcheon – bio | email

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Questions still remain about the future of a southern Indiana firefighter. With two arrests during this calendar year, it has been a tough one legally for Gary Crowe. But now his job is in question and the Clarksville Town Board heard testimony Nov. 4 to decide the fate of the 20-year firefighter, a major with the Clarksville department.

Fellow firefighters climbed stairs as one of their own has fallen on some tough times. They all gave statements, along with Crowe and his attorney during the nearly three-hour meeting, engaging in a back-and-forth with the fire chief and a town attorney.

At issue are two events this year. In January, officials say Crowe broke into his ex-girlfriend's home in a domestic dispute situation. He was later put on probation for that. Then in July, Crowe was arrested for suspicion of DUI, but was later charged with public intoxication. Legal issues aside, it is his fate as a firefighter that was to be determined on this day.

Crowe himself broke down while speaking, after talking about choosing to do extra community service.

"I've been an embarrassment and I wanted to give something back. I would have preferred to have worked in Clarksville, but I did some work in Jeffersonville, too. I felt like that was my obligated duty to do that. No one came to me I just thought it was the right thing to do," an emotional Crowe said.

But all the back-and-forth aside, nothing really happened at the meeting. The board heard all the arguments, but chose to delay a decision about Crowe's future until Nov. 10.

Crowe has been suspended without pay for about five months. The board says it will discipline him, discipline that could range from a verbal warning all the way up to and including termination.

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