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A new weapon in the battle of the bulge

By Lori Lyle - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There's a new way to blast fat that doesn't require surgery or breaking a sweat. It's called Vaser Shape. The external ultrasound device is FDA approved to treat cellulite, but doctors and patients are noticing some amazing fat reduction as well in just a matter of weeks.

"I exercise, I go to the gym" said 50-year-old Tracy Creighton. But like so many women, Tracy has dealt with more tummy fat and thicker thighs than she'd like since the births of her two children. It's a battle, however, she may soon win thanks to Vaser Shape. After just two treatments she says, "it's definitely working!"

The proof is found in the measurements taken before and after each treatment session. "We have not had anybody yet who hasn't dropped measurements," said Louisville Plastic Surgeon Julene Samuels. She's the first in the area to offer this new fat-blasting technology.

The no pain, no surgery device is reportedly melting away fat through heat.

Dr. Samuels says the heat "is damaging and killing fat cells. "The walls, she explains "collapse and the fat cell is no longer able to store the fat."

Treatments per area take less than an hour and Dr. Samuels has treated tummies, thighs, back fat, the area around the bra, and love-handles. She says the only areas it can't treat are the face and the neck.

At the end of the treatments, the device is used to stimulate and open the lymphatic system.

"The lymphatic has these tiny little delicate valves which are sort of a one-way system out" and Samuels says out is where you want the excretion to go.

Once the contents of the fatty layers that are destroyed leave the battle, in two to three days patients notice an even better result. Tracy says she was not only thinner, but her skin, "it was tighter."

The reason for the skin tightening explains Dr. Samuels, "you have the advantage of the heat under the skin which does cause contraction and thereby smoothing the surface of the skin."

A total of 4 to 6 treatments are recommended. In just two treatments for Tracy she's lost 2 inches at her waist and nearly 5 inches through her hips. Vaser Shape is finally accomplishing what years of exercise did not, but Tracy isn't giving up on the exercise she says," I did notice during a crunch that I wasn't sagging as usual."

So can the fat come back? Dr. Samuels explains that each individual is born with a certain amount of fat cells and we stop making more fat cells during puberty. Once a fat cell is gone she says "it should be gone for good." But she adds, exercise and diet will keep the remaining fat cells from expanding.

Again, Vaser Shape is not FDA approved as a fat-reducer but Dr. Samuels and others around the country are documenting patients results in attempt to get FDA approval.

Since it's FDA approved for cellulite treatment, Dr. Samuels says 'it's proven safe."

A package of 4 treatments costs $2600 at Dr. Samuels' office.

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