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Louisville elementary school collects candy for troops

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) –Local soldiers might not have gone trick or treating, but they're about to have a stash of candy thanks to some elementary students.  Kids collected hundreds of pounds of candy for the third brigade from Fort Knox, as they prepare to go overseas.

St. Raphael Elementary decided to come together to give away their Halloween candy. The school collected nearly 500 pounds of sweets.

"I just knew that I was doing something good," said Emma Kelly, a second grader.

Helping out the troops is very important to Emma, whose father is in the Army. He just finished up his third deployment in Iraq.

"I am home for at least of couple of years before I have to go back, if I go back," said CW4 Sean Kelly.

Once he got back to Louisville, he decided to stop by his children's school last week.

"It was surprising and exciting," said Sean Kelly, his son.

"It was very exciting to me that my daddy had finally come home," said Emma.

"When we saw that going on and we knew we would be donating to the men and women in the service from Fort Knox, we asked him to come in and accept that," said Mary K. Korfhage, who helped get the candy together.

Chief Kelly says he is proud to accept the treats and knows they won't last long.

"They'll go through candy like nobody's business, it will not last," said Kelly.

A sweet treat from home that will hopefully tide at least a few soldiers over, until they too, get to come back home.

"Hopefully like he said, it is his last time. We are going to hold him to it," said Lisa Kelly, his wife.

This is the fourth year the school has collected Halloween candy, but the first time that they donated it to the troops. Half of the candy will also be given to the Franciscan Shelter House. 

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