National unemployment rate holds steady; experts say economy will improve

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - On Friday the United States Department of Labor released the latest unemployment numbers for the month of October.

According to the department's report, the unemployment rate stayed the same at 9.6 percent, but the report also indicates private employers added about 159,000 jobs the same month.

"This is certainly the first step," said Hilliard Lyons Director of Research, John Roberts. "We've gone through a recession that's unlike most usual recessions."

While the unemployment rate has not been released for Kentucky, Roberts is optimistic the economy is going to get better because the national rate is holding steady and more jobs were created in October than in recent months.

"It's going to take time for us to come back," Roberts said. "Businesses are going to have to be able to get the financing they need. They're going to have to feel comfortable that business and economic conditions are improving."

And once that happens, Roberts believes businesses will start hiring again. That's what Robby Funk and his girlfriend, Syrina Blue are banking on. The couple has been job hunting for several months.

"I'm not here to get my check," Robby Funk. "I don't want a check. I want to work. I'd rather get mine."

Funk and Syrina Blue spent their Friday afternoon at the Kentuckiana Works One-Stop office on West Cedar downtown. Both say they are collecting unemployment.

Robby, who has been unemployed for two months, is searching for a job in the food service industry. He moved to Kentucky from Iowa after leaving his job there.

"I think I can get a $10 an hour job somewhere, but I can't," Robby said.

Blue says she has felt the same frustration, searching for a job without any luck.

"In the employment book, I'll go to find one and they've already filled it," Blue said. "So a lot of them just aren't hiring, really."

In the past, Blue has been employed as a certified nurses assistant, but has been without a job for almost a year.

"I hope I get some luck," Blue said.

Kentucky's unemployment figures will be released by mid-November.

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