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U.S. Attorney warns of Internet dangers after Sullivan student killed

Joseph Hogsett Joseph Hogsett
Steve DeBrorta Steve DeBrorta
Andrew Compton (Source: Compton family) Andrew Compton (Source: Compton family)
Charlestown, IN -

By Katie Bauer - bio | email

CHARLESTOWN, IN (WAVE) – On Nov. 10, the United States Attorney's Office hosted a Project Safe Childhood conference in Charleston. The focus of the conference was to educate parents, teachers, and law enforcement of the dangers facing children in social networking.

While this conference was planned before the news of Andrew Compton's death, Joseph Hogsett, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, says it's a horrid reminder of the dangerous realities that can be found online.

The hope is that through conferences like Project Safe Childhood, school leaders and investigators can share technology, and understanding.

"So we can have a fast, flexible, and adaptive response to emerging crimes, to the way these offenders behave, to the way victims get in trouble and the way we can prevent that and the way that we can prevent that with Internet safety messages," said Steve DeBrorta, Assistant U.S. Attorney. 

A message that's all too fresh after an arrest was made on Tuesday in the murder of Compton, a Sullivan University student from Carmel, Indiana. Police say Compton met his murderer online, something his parents say they have warned him against.

"With all good things, sometimes carry with it a downside and unfortunately what we are seeing in the Louisville area today is that downside," said Hogsett.

As social networking continues to grow, Hogsett says so do issues like cyber bullying and Internet child exploitation. He says it is very important for parents to get involved in their child's Internet lives.

"You need to, as a parent, have open and honest discussions with your children about the skepticism, the healthy skepticism that they should have whenever they are communicating on the Internet," said Hogsett.

For more information on Project Safe Childhood, click here.

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