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Crews move Louisville's Christmas Tree into place

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Crews cut down a blue spruce tree in the Beechmont neighborhood early Friday and moved it to Jefferson Square Park Friday. The tree, which was donated by Thelma and Ben Alley, will be the centerpiece for Light Up Louisville on the day after Thanksgiving. 

Dozens gathered around 9 a.m. to watch as the 45-foot tall spruce tree was cut and hauled away from the Alley's front yard.

A crane was then used to position the tree on the back of an 18-wheeler for its trip Jefferson Square Park.

Margaret Brosko with Metro Parks says the couple decided to donate the tree from Mayor-elect Greg Fischer when he "was walking around campaigning and actually knocked on the couple's door and said, 'Wow you have a beautiful tree.' And they said, 'Yeah, but it's overtaking our yard and we really want to do something.'"

"The tree was taking up all of our yard," said Thelma Alley. "So it was just getting big and bigger everywhere and we didn't have much room in our front yard because of the tree."

Fischer suggested they donate the tree to the city's Light Up Louisville celebration. City leaders had evaluated dozens of trees, but agreed the Alley's was perfect.

The Alleys' 9-year-old grandson, Samuel Basil, has plenty of good memories of the tree.

"Me and my cousin were always running around it and playing hide and go seek and tag and stuff," Basil said.

Neighbors like Linda Doyle will also miss the tree - she took pictures as it was being cut down and hauled away.

"It makes the community very proud here in the Beechmont area to have a presence in Light Up Louisville," Doyle said.

Years after he last saw it, perhaps the man who planted the tree describes it best.

"I helped put the tree in the ground and when it's finally served its usefulness here, it's going on to another use, and it kind of makes me realize that even when something dies it's not done," said Alan Knapper.

The tree arrived at its new home in Jefferson Square Park about 12:15, bringing with it the Christmas spirit, despite a temperature of more than 70 degrees.

This is the 30th year for Light Up Louisville, sponsored by GE and LG&E.

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