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Investigation: Police officer working two jobs at once

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A 19 Action News investigation finds a police officer suspected of working two jobs at once and this guy's assigned to the airport.

The file shows a sergeant signed in for work at the airport same hours he signed in at part-time jobs. Dozens of times. Pretty much got away with it.

We found Albert Reese got paid to work for the city at the airport and he signed in the same hours for part-time jobs. Security at two banks.

Records show he also worked part-time while on sick leave for the city. And when his airport shift ended. He signed in for part-time work at that exact time.

Add it up investigators found Albert Reese made 1700 dollars at the airport while supposedly working second jobs. Most of that city money from 'overtime'.

Taxpayers ask how can that happen? so did we.

We tried to find Reese. Then he called. Said he wouldn't talk on camera.

'All this isn't what it seems and if you got me like that, you're gonna make me look bad,' said Reese by phone.  

Well after all he is a boss in charge of airport cops--and what about strict attention to security with all the talk of terrorism?

We also found a city prosecutor ruled no criminal charges.

We've shown you other officers hauled into court for cheating the system.

City hall tells me the prosecutor felt if there'd been lying or cheating--the part-time employers were the ones who got ripped off saying Reese actually worked when he said he did at the airport.

But those other employers didn't want to pursue charges.

In the end, Reese got suspended 5 days. A police officer saying he worked two jobs at once--a few days off. Think you'd get treated that way?

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