Police officers honored for bravery

Posted by Amy Kelch - email

PRINCETON, IN (WAVE) - Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line for us everyday. Now the Princeton, Indiana community is thanking the police officers who likely saved a woman's life.

Early in November, police said a 34-year-old woman was held captive by her neighbor and was then beaten, stabbed, and sexually assaulted. On November 15, the officers who arrested the woman's neighbor, Brad Tomey, and then rescued the woman received plaques of honor.

"This was something of a certain magnitude," said Assistant Chief Glenn Munniar of the Princeton Police Department,  "that doesn't happen everywhere or very often, so I feel honored to give this type of accommodation."

Tomey, a convicted rapist, is charged with eight felonies. The victim is still recovering from her injuries.

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