Recruits put hundreds of hours into search for Compton's body

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

MEDORA, IN (WAVE) - 18-year-old Andrew Compton was last seen mid-October. The search continues nearly one month later. Dozens of LMPD officers and recruits have been combing a landfill in Medora, IN for his body for days.

As of Wednesday night, police say they have been through about 5,000 tons of trash looking for the body. The rain halted the search Tuesday. When they returned it was less dusty, but muddy and with a strong odor

"It's a lot of physical labor just to do that, I guess the somewhat mental aspect of always constantly looking for something," said LMPD Lt. Barry Wilkerson

When the search first began more than 50 LMPD recruits loaded up and raked through hundreds of tons of trash. By day seven they were down to 25 or so.

"They've done a great job of pulling up different items that sometimes don't apply, but this tells me that they're actually looking for what they need to be looking for," said Wilkerson

Even without finding the body, Gregory O'Bryan was charged and arraigned for killing Compton.

Law enforcement combed the landfill looking for the 18-year-old's body or evidence that could link back to that night or O'Bryan's apartment.

"(We're) still holding that location for the search warrant in the hopes that we do find the body very soon and we can obviously from what we find out here can kind of match up to what we're looking for in the apartment itself," said Wilkerson.

Wilkerson says they found items of interest letting them know they were in the right area, but he wouldn't elaborate on what those were.

The lead detective is updating the family daily about what they have or haven't found.

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