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New motion filed by Karen Sypher and her legal team

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Karen Sypher, accompanied by her legal team, walked into federal court, Friday afternoon, to file a motion. The motion requests a special grand jury investigate issues, they found, with Sypher's trial. In August, a jury convicted her of trying to extort ten million dollars from U of L Coach Rick Pitino, lying to the FBI, and retaliation against a witness.

Sypher's investigator, James Faller told WAVE 3 they have information from a credible witness who says evidence used during Sypher's trial was tampered with in order to, he said, incriminate her. Faller cited the extortion calls made to Pitino, as an example. While on the stand, Lester Goetzinger -Sypher's longtime friend and on again/off again lover -testified he left Pitino threatening voice mails, he said, because Sypher asked him to. Faller told WAVE 3 the government used Goetzinger to say he made those calls, but that in fact those calls were made by three different people. The motion also claims witnesses were hushed.

"It's pretty hard to get around the fact that the government knew about the evidence that we're talking about. They know about it now and they didn't come forward with it. Now, they're trying to keep the judge in the case. Why do you think that is," Faller questioned.

According to those court documents, another claim indicates abuse allegations were not investigated regarding Karen and Tim Sypher's daughter while she was in Tim's care, according to Sypher's investigator. The motion continues to say back in August: "the government and others, knowingly convicted the defendant by violating every single civil right known to exist". They claim that includes false evidence and witnesses who were coerced.

"Do you have any idea what it's like to be a victim and my children to be a victim -my youngest children to be a victim and no one listen to me. No one {has} come to my defense for so long," Karen Sypher said.

Sypher's legal team said they plan to file motions to have the case thrown out.

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