Meth lab remnants found in Metro Parks

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Traces of meth labs were found at two different Metro Parks within a week, according to Metro Parks Spokeswoman Margaret Brosko.

Brosko said last weekend remnants of a meth lab were found at Watterson Park and Sun Valley Park in Louisville. She said a second meth lab was found at Sun Valley Park on Saturday. In both incidents, the remnants were left inside trash cans.

"It kinda upsets me because I've been here a couple of years and thinking that my kids were safe so I wasn't really watching a great eye on them," Parent Christina Lewis said. Lewis usually goes to Sun Valley Park.

"I have three kids that I take home with me every day, but when I'm here at [the] soccer field, I have 200 to 300 [kids] that are mine. I feel as though they are my responsibilities, so it is our job to take care of these kids," Southwest Youth Soccer League President, Debbie Yancey said.

"Our concern is that these are happening in the Metro Parks with kids playing," she continued.

But Brosko, with Metro Parks, said these were isolated incidents. "It is not happening on a regular basis or in the majority of the parks," she said.

"We take it seriously because we know people love to use the parks and we want to make sure they feel safe every time," Brosko said. "If you see something that doesn't look right or if you see somebody putting something in a trash can just looks a little shady - call," she added.

Since these incidents were reported, Brosko said their employees have been told to be on alert. "We have employees in the parks all the time looking out for things and we encourage people to do the same," she said.

Yancey said parent are on alert themselves, checking trash cans. "Our awareness has been elevated quite a bit," she said.

Louisville Metro Police Spokeswoman, Alicia Smiley said west Louisville and downtown are the two areas where they see the least meth lab activity. She said they see it spread around the Metro.

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