Large wildfire burns 17 acres in the south end

By Katie Bauer email | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The night sky was bright on Monday with flames that burned more than a dozen acres in south west Jefferson County. It happened around 4:30 PM in the 4200 block of Blevins Gap Road.

Firefighters believe it may have been caused by a careless mistake. The good news is no one was hurt and no structures were destroyed, but took a lot of man power to get the blaze under control.

When Cole Parker glanced out his back window Monday afternoon, he was shocked to see flames in his back woods. "I just thought somebody was having a bon fire or something."

Within minutes the fire spread and eventually covered 17 acres on a hillside near the 4200 block of Blevins Gap Road.

"I've never seen nothing like this," said Sonya Parker.

Cole's parents own five acres, two of which they sat back and watched burn, hoping the blaze would not come near their home.

"It looks like a bunch of Christmas lights up there," said Sonya Parker.

PRP Fire Chief Vincent Smith says he's not sure what started the blaze, but knows that it wouldn't take much.

It can be as simple as a cigarette, I was told by neighbors there were hunters hunting in the woods this afternoon, so it very well could have been somebody drop a cigarette," said Smith.

More than 50 fire fighters from six different departments along with the Department of Forestry kept the flames from spreading by building fire breaks along the hill.

"We have no access to water out here, initially we could stretch some hose lines in the beginning, but the fire just overtook us and ran up the hill," said Smith.

Smith adds Jefferson County is always on a burn ban and folks need to be especially careful during these ultra dry conditions.

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