Firefighters spend their Thanksgiving working

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Firefighters with Louisville Fire and Rescue Engine 10 Truck 8 spent the afternoon at the fire house, cooking their Thanksgiving meal.

The group was prepared to respond to a call -at any time. "Seems like you're in the middle of seasoning and doing this or getting that ready. The bell can go off at any moment," Sergeant Andrew Tilford said.

But, until they had to, they laughed and enjoyed their day. Tilford said his friends at the fire house are like family, since they spend many long days working together.

"You spend eight or nine years with the same bunch of guys, they really do turn into family," Tilford said.

While they were at work, their families stopped by to eat lunch with their loved ones since they will be away from home. "My wife and family they drove from an hour away. We actually live in Leitchfield, Kentucky.

"Its actually a really warming place {and a good} atmosphere to come {to} 'cause all the families are together and the kids. And, since the guys have to work 24 hours it makes it kinda bad when they're not at home," Victoria Judd said. Her husband, Firefighter Jeff Judd has been at the fire house for five years.

Louisville Fire and Rescue Engine 10 Truck 8 responded to two calls before their Thanksgiving meal.

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