Savvy shoppers score steals during daytime dash

By Matt McCutcheon

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - While thousands gathered at Kentuckiana stores late Thanksgiving night into Black Friday morning, some decided to set their own agendas for Friday's shopping Olympics of sorts.

Throughout Black Friday, a steady crowd of people flocked to Oxmoor Center to gobble up deals on the Day after Thanksgiving.

"I came to buy gifts for my family; my mom, my grandma, my grandpa, and my brother," said 13-year-old Savannah Higgs.

By doing chores and keeping money aside from her October birthday, she's been able to save money for this annual tradition.

"It's really crowded but its so cool to watch everybody," Higgs said.

She got some deals, too, which helped check grandpa off the list.

"I bought him some tees and some practice golf balls to hit around in the backyard," she said.

Despite all the bargains out there – including Apple taking an up-to $100 bite out of its prices - her friend Sydney Oates wasn't able to get everything today.

"I bought for my sister, my mom, and I've been looking around for my dad but some things aren't on sale and are pretty expensive," Oates said.

For others, the art of Black Friday shopping is more like a competitive sport.

"Oh my gosh I started at 9 am but I couldn't get into Toys R Us – it was just horrible.  So I left there and took a nap and came out to Target then Macy's," Vanessa Goodwin said.

For Goodwin and her cart of "I guess about 50 gifts", strategy is the name of the game.

"You have to map out the stores you want to attend and go to before 1:00 PM.  It's kind of like grocery shopping, I got my coupons – I got my this, I got my that," she said.

And from the tired taking a break, to those consolidating bags to make room for more, there's also the group of waiting husbands.

"She's been inside Ann Taylor for a couple of hours and I haven't seen her so I'm getting kind of worried," Pete Smith laughed.

He and his wife started at 8 am; snagging 3 pairs of boots at Macy's.

"I'll say one pair's a gift, 2 are for her," he laughed, and added that they are planning a tip to New York in the coming weeks and needed more cold weather accessories.

Unlike those savvy shoppers scoring steals especially early, the Smiths started later.

"We had a lot of food – a lot of turkey yesterday so we needed some rest after all that so we decided to come out later and there'd still be good bargains so 8:00 am is good enough for us," Smith said.

And no matter the deals, or the methods, they all agree it's not about the presents.

"It's just a holiday where you get to spend time with your family and people come in town and its just a lot of fun," Oates said.

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