Jeston Murray in trial for two murders

Posted by Katharine Greene - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The trial continued Wednesday for Jeston Murray who was charged in committing two murders.

Michael Knights was with Jeston Murray and told the jury that Murray committed one of the killings.

Knights pleaded guilty to both murders and robbery charges.

He also told prosecutors when they walked into an army surplus store after Christmas in 2008 that Murray wanted to wait for his benefit check before he could buy some items.

Despite this, Knights said Murray did not want to wait and had plans to go back and kill the shop owner.

When they went back, Knights said he stayed at the front of the store.

"I just stayed in the front and Jeston came up from the back and said come help me, and I went back and saw the old man laying face down in some boxes and some stuff," Knights said.

Police say Darrell Spencer was killed with an ax that Jeston Murray and Michael Knights found in the store.

Prosecutors say they stole clothing, boots, and knives after the killing.

One of those knives was used days later in the murder of Marcus Penny.

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