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Schools close as people battle Winter Blast

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The shovels, salt plows, brushes, buckets, and just about every other snow and cold weather accessory you could think of all came out in full force Monday as people across Kentuckiana battled the latest round from Mother Nature's wintry mix.

"I'm just getting the car cleared off and probably get a little bit of breakfast; I'm a school teacher so I'm just kind of hanging out and getting some school work done," said high school teacher Scott U'Sellis.

He would have spent Monday getting his students ready for finals and says the day off would have been more welcomed in January, but he's not complaining.  He just hoped to stay safe on the roads.

"Just [concerned about] the slick roads; the black ice and the slipping around; that's happened to me before, so just taking it slow," U'Sellis said.

Others living on less-traveled roads had to spend a little extra time preparing for the day's commute.

"It's a little snow and the street is clean, but down here, nobody came to clean it," said an Old Louisville resident.

He used warm water to melt away the icy mix, but not everyone's complaining about that wintry mix.

"I love it! People may say I'm a little bit nuts anyway because I love cold weather but I've been to places where this isn't a lot of cold. I just like it; I'm miserable when I'm hot," said George Malone.

"I've got on a tee shirt and a long john shirt. That's it. Tee shirt! I'm moving! I'm doing stuff," Malone said about how he's staying warm.

For George Malone, he stayed warm by staying busy trying to get his truck running.

Across the street, others were salting sidewalks.

"We haven't had snow in awhile so this is the first time the snow is really starting to stick," said Gerrick Oliver.

As a manager for Deville Apartments, he says it's a constant battle trying to one-up mother nature.

"It's a 24 hour job! It never stops! So in about 3 hours I'll come and check on it and see how its going and if its not melting properly I'll throw some more salt on it," Oliver said.

While people dealt with the snows, dozens of school districts across the area were either closed for the day or started the day after a delay.

Jefferson County Public Schools and Jefferson County Catholic High Schools were just two schools to cancel classes for Monday after several inches of snow fell Sunday afternoon into Sunday evening.

The list grew throughout Monday morning, with New Albany-Floyd County schools joining the list.

In the Louisville metro area, crews used nearly 2,000 tons of salt while treating more than 8,100 miles of road.

Most major roads -- like interstates -- are clear; but less-traveled roads are still snow covered as crews rush to get to them for the Monday morning commute.

Click here for Louisville Metro Government's up-to-the minute road list, which includes what crews have been doing to the roads in your area. You can type in your address for real-time data.

Metro Government has also set up this section of its website to help you during winter weather.

We continue to track the weather and monitor road conditions and any school delays or cancellations for Tuesday on WAVE 3, and on your mobile device.

Click here for a complete list of business delays and closings.

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