Flying high until his story crashed

MILWAUKEE (AP) - As a cardiologist and United Airlines captain, William Hamman taught doctors and pilots ways to keep hearts pumping and planes from crashing.

He shared millions in grants, had university and hospital posts, and bragged of work for prestigious medical groups.

But it turns out Hamman isn't a cardiologist or even a doctor. The Associated Press found he had no medical, fellowship, doctoral degree or the 15 years of clinical experience he claimed. He did attend medical school but withdrew after a few years and didn't graduate.

His pilot qualifications don't appear to be in question. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, he holds the highest type of license a pilot can have. However, United grounded him in August after learning that he lacked the medical and doctoral degrees he claimed.

Doctors who worked with the 58-year-old pilot are stunned, not just at the ruse and how long it lasted, but also because many of them valued his work and were sad to see it end.

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