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Many prepare as threats of snow and ice remain in the forecast

Paul Whitty Paul Whitty
Chris Whelan Chris Whelan
Nancy Baker Nancy Baker
Barbara Tichenor Barbara Tichenor
Louisville, KY -

By Katie Bauer - email | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Folks all across Kentuckiana are preparing for the snow and ice that could be headed our way. LG&E crews are on stand-by ready to take action should any power outages occur.

Paul Whitty is not taking any chances."I'm stocking up for the impending storm, hoping they are all wrong of course," he said.

Tuesday night, he stopped by Kroger in the Highlands to get some must-haves, just in case.

"I got juice, fruit, cooking oil, and bread and peanut butter and fire logs," said Whitty.

He wasn't alone. "I'm not a snow person, that's why when it starts snowing I just close the door and won't even look out," said Nancy Baker.

With snow and ice in the future forecast many were checking off items on their list. "Milk, bread, and eggs, and sandwich meat, things like that," said Barbara Tichenor as she waited in line to check out. 

LG&E is monitoring the weather conditions, by working closely with the National Weather Service. "If it gets as bad as they are saying, we will be holding crews over to ensure that we have enough resources available to handle anything that hits us," said Chris Whelan with LG&E.

Since the January 2009 ice storm, LG&E has added some new resources for customers. You can now check their website for a real time map of outages and where crews are currently working. Whelan says if the power goes out at your home, you must report it and she encourages folks to stay one step ahead.  

"The main thing is be prepared and be safe," said Whelan. "We suggest that everybody have batteries in their radio, have a flash light on hand, have some water and have a storm preparedness kit."

For people like Whitty, better safe than sorry, is the way to go. "I'm trying to get ahead of it a little bit," said Whitty. "Here in Highlands, where we are in the park, the trees come down and the power goes."

Crews with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet have already been told that they will be staying late Wednesday night. We're told they have plenty of salt and supplies, so they are ready to hit the streets when need be.

To report a power outage to LG&E or KU call 502-589-1484, or you can online by clicking here.

To report power outages in Indiana, call Duke Energy at 1-800-343-3525. You can also report online by clicking here.

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