Winter weather means business for landscaping companies

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Public Works covers 1,300 miles of roadway in metro Louisville. It is responsible for pre-treating the roads and plowing, but there are areas like strip malls and some gated communities that it doesn't cover, so many residents are hiring their landscaping companies.

"It's definitely an art," said Billy Pence while salting the roadways.

Braving the elements is nothing new for Pence who has worked for Greenscape, Inc. for 10 years. It's traditionally a landscaping company, but when cold weather comes calling, Pence is ready to answer.

"You can just adjust the rate of speed of the salt and how much you want coming out," Pence says while driving.

He is working in Mockingbird Gardens, just off Brownsboro Road.

There are three dozen vehicles in the fleet and drivers can work 8 hours shifts or more.

"Each snow is different," said Kevin Roseberry, co-owner of Greenscape. "This is going to be more of an ice event they're saying, so this is just going to be a pre treat, a lot of pre-treating."

Their trucks carry anywhere from 2-3 tons of salt at a time

"If we come in and salt it's going to slushy it up and then we can come back and move the slush with the plows if need be," said Roseberry. "Otherwise, if you don't treat it, it's going to stay that thick sheet of ice until it warms up."

Greenscape covers 200 properties and begins planning for the winter season in September.

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