Daughter Finds Father Stabbed to Death

WOLFE COUNTY, KY (WLEX 18) - Investigators say the Wolfe County father's body could have been lying in his home for days.

His worried daughter kicked open his back door last night only to find the gruesome discovery.

Andrea Bryant says every time she closes her eyes she only sees the last sight of her father. Robert Bryant, lying on his living room floor with his throat cut, stabbed to death.

"They killed my dad, that was my grandma's son, he was a dad, a son, a grandpa," says Andrea Bryant.

For sisters Andrea and Jennifer Bryant, there's nothing to do but mourn.

"I was daddy's little girl," she says.

For four days, Andrea Bryant says calls to her father were unanswered. She knew something was terribly wrong. Along with her fiance and his father, they headed to Robert Bryant's home only to find a note on the door saying "We went to Florida."

They say they'll never forget what they saW next. "I can't even close my eyes because I see it every time I do. I see him just lying there."

Bryant kicked down the back door and found her father lying in a puddle of blood. "Once we got inside we found a 44-year-old white male with knife wounds to his body," says Frank Porter, Wolfe County Coroner.

The family says police have arrested two people in the murder, two people far too close to the family. Shockingly the family says one of the accused murderers is their own family member.

The family says Robert Bryant's cousin and cousin's girlfriend have been arrested. "Karma will get him,. He will pay for everything he's done to my dad. And she will too," says Andrea.