UPS: Packages travel 150 miles in 13 minutes to be processed

By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The sprawling Louisville UPS facility is more like Santa's workshop these days, where the shopping rush has become the shipping rush.

Scores of people are working 'round the clock like elves to make sure millions of packages make it to their final destination in time for the Christmas holiday.

"This is our time to shine so we add on extra resources so we've brought on 767 extra workers in the Louisville area," said Michael Mangeot, Director of Marketing for UPS.

That's included in the company's seasonal hiring of some 50,000 workers company wide.

Louisville is home to the largest air hub for UPS, employing more than 20,000 workers.

Nearly 3 million packages a day from all over the world are processed inside the Louisville facility, working their way through an organized maze and even a few slides.

"There are 155 miles of conveyers inside the building. Packages sort themselves by the barcode that's on them and make it over the belts in 13 minutes," Mangeot said.

More than 250 planes come in and out of the facility daily and at a place that's all things brown, the threat of a white Christmas is a concern.

"Weather is something we look at all the time. We actually have five meteorologists on our staff that monitor the weather," Mangeot said.

Drivers are also concerned about the weather.

"This route is about 120 stops, package count varies," said 20-year UPS driver Roger Hicks.

Having clear sidewalks and walkways are key.  It's part of a holiday season that seems to be full of cheer.

"Of course everyone has cookies and everybody's always offering you something to drink," Hicks said.

Non-alcoholic of course!  It all makes these guys more like brown Santa's.

"Sometimes we call [our brown trucks] Santa's sleigh because we're delivering Santa's gifts," Hicks said.

And it's all in a day's work.

Wednesday is expected to be their busiest online tracking day - as curious people check the whereabouts of their packages. You can [click here] for that part of their website.

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