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Robbery chase crosses state lines; shots fired

Officer Scott Walker (source: LMPD) Officer Scott Walker (source: LMPD)

By Matt McCutcheon – bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A high-speed chase of a robbery suspect ended with an officer hurt and shots fired just off of Manslick Road at Conn Street early Wednesday.

Robert Vaden Junior was arrested at the scene around 7 a.m.

It all started just before 6 o'clock Wednesday morning.  According to LMPD officials the chase started in Kentucky around 30th and Muhammad Ali Boulevard in downtown Louisville after a string of street robberies.

After calling police, witnesses and victims were able to give officers a good vehicle description. When police spotted the vehicle and attempted to stop it, the chase began.

"The officer got behind the car and attempted to stop it and it ended up in a pursuit, which went over to Indiana and back in Louisville," said LMPD spokeswoman Officer Carey Klain.

After crossing state lines and returning to Louisville, the chase ended in Shively at Manslick Road and Conn Street.

That's where Officer Scott Walker was injured by a moving car, possibly the car Vaden was driving, but remains unclear. A short time later, Walker fired shots at Vaden as he continued to try to get away, but didn't hit him.

An older model Ford Taurus not far from where everything ended was being examined by police, but is not believed to the actual car involved in the chase.

The driver and at least one passenger were removed by emergency responders around 7 a.m.  Police won't say what the car was doing there in the vicinity of their crime scene, or how its occupants were injured.

Sixteen-year-old Branden Hines was staying with his aunt in a home two doors down from where the chase ended. He said he was removing a contact lens and nearly poked his eye when he heard the gunshots. No neighbors were injured or struck by the gunfire.

"I saw the police car go past," Hines said. "I was taking my contact out and going to sleep and I was like oh snap and then I just saw a bunch of police cars come past like 30 of them and all I heard was shooting and pow! pow! pow!"

"I woke up to see police sirens running back and forth and all of a sudden I just heard pow pow pow," Devin Hines said.

The pandemonium also impacted one person during his morning coffee routine.

"We heard about 8 or 10 shots and then we started ducking - I mean that's how close we were," said James Nalley.

Officer Walker was taken to University Hospital, his injuries aren't believed to be life-threatening.

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