U. S. Attorney General files charges against Louisville man

Louisville, KY - By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The U. S. Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against a Louisville man.

David Hamilton (whose attorney says may no longer be living in the Louisville area) is on the receiving end of that lawsuit.

Court documents claim Hamilton came into physical contact with a worker at a Louisville abortion clinic earlier this year.

The suit goes on to call Hamilton a "regular anti-abortion protestor," saying that he protested outside the EWM Women's Surgical Center.

That's along Market Street in downtown Louisville and is the only abortion clinic in the area.

It's a specific situation in January of 2010 that prompted this suit.  Court documents claim Hamilton used force against a volunteer at the clinic who was escorting a patient into the building.

That was deemed to have interfered with a 1994 law that seeks to give clients the right and freedom to obtain services at clinics.

The Attorney General believes that if Hamilton isn't restrained by the court, he'll continue his antics, possibly trying to interfere with women seeking abortions or similar services.

The suit wishes to prohibit Hamilton from approaching within 8 feet of a client or person associated with an abortion clinic and 100 feet of the actual clinic.  It also includes a fine of up to $20,000 and prohibits him from joining or bringing a group of supporters or protestors to a clinic.

Vincent Heuser, Jr. is representing Hamilton.  He tells WAVE 3 News that "this originates from one momentary situation that was not David's fault and seems to be more in the nature of government harassment than a legitimate effort to vindicate the right's of women."

He says his office hasn't actually received the lawsuit just yet, so a plan of action isn't clear.  He also says that his client doesn't live in the Louisville area anymore, but wouldn't say where he had moved to.

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