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KY lawmaker's bill would allow ads on school buses

Rep. Brad Montell Rep. Brad Montell
Debbie Wesslund Debbie Wesslund

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Putting advertisements on school buses is something several states have already jumped on and Kentucky could be next. State Representative Brad Montell of Shelbyville has pre-filed a bill to be considered during next year's session.

"All of our schools have a fleet of buses and they could literally be a rolling billboard that could generate revenue for us," said Montell.

Montell says putting ads on school buses is a new concept that may seem odd at first, but could end up being a big positive.

"All of the money would stay locally in the district, it would not have to go back to Frankfort and be redistributed, but it would stay locally with the schools," said Montell.

He says 50 percent of the revenue would go directly back into the classroom. 25 percent would go towards school transportation costs and the other 25 percent would be up to the districts to decide.

For years Montell says schools have used advertising in yearbooks and in athletics, for example a score board. "This is just a natural progression of that and I think it offers a great opportunity for our schools to raise some revenue without increasing taxes," said Montell.

Not everyone is too keen on the idea. Debbie Wesslund, Chair of the Jefferson County Board of Education says the board hasn't discussed this issue, but safety would be her number one concern.

"Advertising is drawn to be attention getting and we want the attention on safety at all times," said Wesslund.

The ads would only be placed on the outside of a bus under the windows.

"I don't think that this in any way would create a safety problem," Montell said. "Beyond that, it is just can we get used to seeing advertising on school buses?"

Alcohol, tobacco products, and political ads would be prohibited. As for other ads, Montell says it would be up to the districts to decide what is appropriate.

The bill could be up for discussion early next year.

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