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Weather delays soldier from making it home for Christmas

Laurene Cooper Laurene Cooper
Teesha Cooper Teesha Cooper
CPL Kenny Bacon CPL Kenny Bacon

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Dreams of a white Christmas quickly turned into a nightmare for travelers. An east coast blizzard led to cancellations of more than 6,000 flights. Those delays and cancellations are spilling over into problems for travelers going through Louisville International Airport. That's where the Bacon family was after waiting through some long days to get their Christmas present.

"He was supposed to be here Christmas Day, but yeah he's not," said Laurene Cooper.

Cooper sat with her mother-in-law to be waiting while waiting for her fiancée, the man they both love

"It's nerveracking," said Teesha Bacon. "Anybody's nervous to have their son in that type of condition."

Her son, Cpl. Kenny Bacon, was supposed to arrive Christmas Day after being gone for eight months.

"It's rough he's not here," said Cooper. "It's just me and the house so it's silence."

His flights from Afghanistan to Kuwait to Germany were delayed. Once he got finally got on U.S. soil, weather delayed his flight in Atlanta. Still his mother, whose husband still serves, says it's better than nothing.

"It's awesome that he gets to be home for the season," said Bacon. '"It was supposed to be for Christmas. He was supposed to be our Christmas gift, but at least he's still home, still coming home, and he's safe."

After eight long months away from his parents, little girl, and fiancée belated or not, this was still the best Christmas gift they could have asked for.

"It would have been better, if we would have made it home on Christmas Day, but just the fact that we all made it home safely, that was the most important thing for all of us," said Cpl. Bacon. "It's a beautiful thing a long awaited present." 

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