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Louisville homicides down in 2010, but 22 cases still unsolved

Lt. Barry Wilkerson Lt. Barry Wilkerson
John Beamus, Jr. John Beamus, Jr.

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Louisville Metro Police have worked more than 50 homicides in 2010, and four of them were just in the past week.

LMPD has about a 60 percent clearance rate for this year's homicides, and while in more than half arrests have been made, police still need the public's help to solve the rest.

Overall Metro Police say criminal homicides are down from 2009. "This year we are at 53 criminal homicides as opposed to the 65 we had last year," said Lt. Barry Wilkerson with LMPD.

Wilkerson says the Metro Police Department has worked very hard to put criminals behind bars.

"Sometimes homicides are difficult to predict so we aren't exactly sure why they are decreasing, but in this case we know they are so it is a win, win no matter what," said Wilkerson.

This year 22 cases are left unsolved, and one of the victims is John Beamus, Jr.

"I wouldn't think in a million years that my brother would be dead today," said Terrica Beamus, the victim's sister.

When Beamus was 13 years old, he was shot and paralyzed leaving him in a wheelchair. He was the victim of gun violence again when he was 32 and lost his life.

"I know that one day they are going to pay for it above, but we would like to get justice down here," said the victim's aunt.

It was August 11th, when police say Beamus and his best friend Pernell Dillard were sitting outside of his home on S. 28th Street when they were gunned down, by someone the family believes knew him.

"I pray every night that somebody would come forward and give a tip to get this person away, to get them off the streets," said the victim's sister.

This case is still unsolved and Beamus' family members believe there are more people out there that know what happened.

"I feel like there are a lot of people out there holding back information," said Mikara Barnes, the victim's cousin.

"Somebody saw something," added Milus Barnes, the victim's cousin.

"If you know anything just call, you don't even have to say your name, just call and say something," said Mikara Barnes.

Metro Police say they have not forgotten about Beamus and the other 21 unsolved cases and they will continue to work towards answers.

"They are not numbers to the detectives, they take each case personally and work diligently to solve the case as hard as they can, they don't forget which cases they have, they know their victims and they know their names," said Wilkerson.

Lt. Wilkerson says the public's tips have helped on at least 90% of the solved cases. He says no tip is too small and any information could be vital to solving one of these homicides.

If you have any information on the death of Beamus or any other crimes, call the anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD.

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