Basketball fan will cheer for UK and UofL Friday

By Jon Chrisos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - In basketball nation, the Cats / Cards rivalry is a fierce one. It always seems to intensify this time of year when the two teams get ready to face off.

But one crazy fan doesn't see it quite that way. Friday she'll be cheering for both teams just as she has for the past 30 years. Barb Middleton's allegiance to both teams is unusual, and she knows it. "At church, the favorite term is I'm bi-polar," Middleton said.

A UK grad, Barb was blue before she started cheering for the Cardinals. More than 30 years ago, she made a promise while a teacher at Male to then senior Darrell Griffith who had plans to play ball at UofL.

"He asked me if I was ever going to cheer for him, and I said when you win the NCAA, I will cheer for you," she said. So April 1, 1980, she pulled out the red, but kept the blue.

She puts the attention to detail into what she wears, making most of her clothes herself. She also has a room in her apartment dedicated to both teams.

Barb met Darrell Griffith about six months ago and told him the whole story.

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