LMPD collects evidence to find who tortured and mutilated cats

Cats found behind Kroger
Cats found behind Kroger
LMPD Crime Scene Unit
LMPD Crime Scene Unit

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The search continues for the person who tortured and killed several cats in metro Louisville. WAVE 3 is learning more about what exactly happened to the animals found dead in southern Jefferson County. Metro police are collecting forensic evidence such as finger prints. Contrary to other media reports, police say there are no suspects at this time.

"It's hard to even talk about to be honest with you," said interim director Wayne Zelinsky at Metro Animal Services.

In his four years, he says this is the worst he's ever seen.

"It appears to be something with a sharp edged weapon like a knife," said Zelinsky.

He wouldn't go into detail, but WAVE 3 has learned two cats were found dead and mutilated behind the Kroger on Mudd Lane in early December.

Kids who live nearby say they saw the bodies in a grocery cart behind the dumpsters. One was gray, the other orange.

"These injuries were intentional and they were multiple," said Zelinsky.

Several sources say the legs were bound together and their stomachs sliced.

Just before Christmas, police discovered a third cat in a drainage ditch nearby.

"We preserved as much of the evidence as we could," said Zelinsky. "We have the LMPD involved now to where they can help us with their crime scene unit trying to get any type of evidence for the body that they can."

The Humane Society of the United States and Shamrock Pet Foundation are stepping in to help.

"Rewards absolutely do work," said Pamela Rogers. "We have gotten tips from rewards, and we have paid out rewards from throughout the country."

The groups are offering a combined $6,300 reward that leads to a conviction.

"If the perpetrator is caught that tortured these cats, it would now be a felony in the state of Kentucky," said Rogers.

In 2008, the Kentucky General Assembly passed Romeo's Law to bump a first offense up from a misdemeanor after the golden retriever was abused by its owners.

"These cats were tortured severely and are now dead, so they would definitely fall under the first offense felony provision of Romeo's Law," said Rogers.

Shamrock is still accepting pledges to add to the reward. Kroger already pledged $500. You can donate by sending your name, address, and phone number to: dogatherside@bellsouth.net.

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