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Two pedestrians hit, one dies in New Albany

Joann Hauber Joann Hauber
Mary Horlander Mary Horlander
Rita Campbell Rita Campbell

By Katie Bauer email | bio

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) – On Tuesday 77-year-old Joann Hauber and 69-year-old Mary Horlander parked their car at Slate Run Elementary School. They were crossing Slate Run Road to a friend's house when a minivan struck both of them.

Hauber died and Horlander has been downgraded- since the accident- to critical condition at University Hospital.

The women are sisters-in-law and were usually together. 

"We were in shock, didn't know what to say," said Rita Campbell, a friend of both women.

Campbell lives right across the street from Slate Run Elementary. Every fourth Tuesday of the month, the Degree of Pocahontas, a women's club that works towards helping others, would meet at her house.

"All of our money that we ever get from our dues and other things goes to charity," said Campbell.

Hauber and Horlander were long time members and they did as they always did before each meeting and parked across the street.

"I keep telling her, why don't you park over here there is plenty of room in the driveway and there are places out back," said Campbell.  "They just always liked to park over there and then they would sit to make sure some of us were here and then they would walk over."

The women never made it to the meeting Tuesday night.

Indiana State Police say 78-year old Gilbert Daughtery of Jeffersonville was behind the wheel, but they do not believe speed was a factor.

Campbell says she still can't believe this happened and that she lost her friend Joann.

"She was a very, very wonderful person, she would treat everybody great I thought," said Campbell. "I thought she was really great. She was good at being a Pocahontas. I don't know, I can't hardly explain how good she was."

Now she says while her friend Mary is recovering at the hospital, they can only hope for the best.

"That's all we can do is pray for her and Joann's family, and all the families because this is just a terrible thing for all of them," said Campbell.

Indiana State Police are investigating this crash, but they say it appears to be a tragic accident.

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