Man beaten and robbed, woman he knows charged

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A man was beaten and robbed in his own home. The only person to be charged so far is a woman he knew, who was visiting with him just minutes before the perpetrators knocked on his door.

Kashuba Lofton was arrested and indicted December 15th for complicity to robbery. Her next court date is January 14th, which is a bond hearing. As of right now her bond is $10,000 full cash.

On September 4th in the White Oak Park Apartments in southern Jefferson County, a man was in his apartment visiting with Lofton, a new female acquaintance.

"They were friends and she came over and helped take care of him and helped take care of the apartment," said LMPD Det. Rodney Underwood.

Police don't know if he paid 30-year-old Lofton for her work or if they were more than friends, but they do know the trouble started when she walked out the door.

"Almost immediately after she left, there's a knock at the door," said Underwood. "He gets up assuming it's this female forgot something or whatever, opens the door without looking, when he does, there's these two black males with hoodies on both carrying pistols."

The two men fought the man inside his apartment, which is now vacant, and pistol whipped him in the face. They took $400, jewelry, and prescription drugs.

"He had just received those (prescription drugs) if not just that day, prior to," said Underwood. "She knew that he had received them and we believe that's what brought this on."

Underwood says Lofton claims she doesn't know anything, but that the two men bum rushed her with guns. She did not call police.

Police say a witness, however, saw Lofton get into a burgundy colored SUV. Then the two men left the apartment and got inside the vehicle.

"We feel that she participated in, if you will, setting this individual up and providing the other two unknown black males the opportunity to go into this apartment," said Underwood. "We also believe she drove the getaway car."

Underwood says they have two suspects, but need more information.

As for the victim, he had a big welt on the side of his head and was banged up, but did not sustain any brain injuries.

"He's scared to death," said Underwood. "He calls me all the time just worried to death that they're coming back."

Police are asking for your help in this case. If you have any idea who the two men involved are or any other information the number for the anonymous crime tip line is (502) 574-LMPD.

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