Container Plants

By Cindi Sullivan

Are you trying to add to add color to your yard but don't really have the space? Our expert Cindi Sullivan has some tips for getting around that problem.

By now I'm sure you've figured out that I love planting in containers. With the proper care, you can plant just about any type of plant in a container, or you can create complete gardens in containers.

One of the most elegant color combinations for a container is a monochromatic design. Monochromatic simply means that the design uses different intensities or shades of one color. Monochromatic designs are very pleasing to the eye can be a lot of fun to put together.

To continue the monochromatic theme, choose a container of similar color or a neutral tone like a stone color. I've chosen various shade of rosy pink for this container. The plumes of the purple fountain grass have a buff pink shade and provide height for the container, the astilbe has a similar tall spiky appearance, but the leaf shape provides a different texture.

Pink begonias give the combination a little shine and shades of pink wave petunias provide a trailing plant for the sedge of the containers.

It's easy to find shades of purples, reds, yellows, and whites to create sophisticated and dramatic monochromatic containers for your patio or deck, try some.