Caring For Daylilies

By Cindi Sullivan

Daylilies: you see them along the highway and in dozens of yards. They come in a variety colors and can add beauty to your home. Our garden expert Cindi Sullivan has more.

Daylilies are absolutely wonderful summer flowers; they come in a wide range of flower colors leaf size and growth habit. Choosing a variety of Daylilies will ensure that your garden will have a riot of color for several weeks in the summer.

Daylilies produce their flowers on bloom stalks called scapes. Each scape should hold several flower buds that will open and bloom for a day before they fade to make way for the next bud. The botanical name of the Daylily is Hemerocallis, which is derived from Greek word meaning "Beautiful for a Day."

After the individual flowers fade, pinch off the spent bloom to tidy up the scape and then once the entire scape has finished blooming and all the buds are gone, cut off the scape at the base of the plant.

If allowed to remain on the plant, Daylily flowers will produce a seed capsule. The plant will funnel its energy into producing seed instead of a strong root system and a larger plant if you don't cut the scape back.

This is particularly important for reblooming Daylilies, like Stella d'Oro. Seed capsules will inhibit the production of flowers later in the season.