Post Office branch remains open despite closure

A USPS worker delivers packages (source: USPS)
A USPS worker delivers packages (source: USPS)

By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The United States Postal Service continues to battle to stay in business, handling 26 billion less pieces of mail last year.

Its turnaround plan includes the closure of many branches, including one in Kentuckiana.  As WAVE 3 News learned, that date has changed.

"Oh gosh, about 39 years; a long time," Sharon Clark said when counting the years she's come to the Beechmont Station post office.

But despite that longevity, Clark's trip to the post office soon won't include stopping at Beechmont Station.

"I've liked it a long time because its convenient and its easier and closer to home and I've just really liked it; the people are really nice," Clark said.

"I come here about twice a week to buy money orders and stamps and do all my mailing business I need to do," John Smallwood

The Postal Service says its reasons for closing Beechmont Station are two fold:  number one, the Postal Service continues to hemorrhage money and needs to be more efficient; and two, there are at least two other post office locations all within about a one mile radius of the Beechmont Station branch.

"It's an inconvenience for a lot of people especially the older people; a lot of them walk here; a lot of older people live in this area," Smallwood said.

"I know there's one up the road and isn't too far, but this is nice for the people who live around here.  There's a lot of elderly people that live in this neighborhood," Clark said.

Friday, January 07 was actually supposed to be the last day, but postal officials say they need more time to finalize the closure.  That means Friday, January 15 will be the last day for this long-standing branch.

"It has been a part of history here in this neighborhood.  It's been here for so many years and so a lot of people have taken advantage of it and used it and I hate to see it go," Clark said.

"It's been around a long time; the whole neighborhood's changing and I'm sad to see it go," Smallwood said.

Postal officials recommend that Beechmont customers use the Iroquois Station branch at 4722 Allmond Avenue, or the Standiford Station branch at 4440 Crittenden Drive.

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