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Two bodies found in New Albany

By Katie Bauer - email | bio

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - Police are investigating after two men were found dead inside a home in the 200 block of Summit Street in New Albany.

47-year-old Michael Babbs and 38-year-old Gregory Bloomer were found dead after officers were called to the scene around 11 a.m. New Albany Chief Todd Bailey says police are treating it as a death investigation.

"I walked around here to see what was going on and realized that my uncle just passed away, so it has not been a very good day so far," said David Wynn, nephew of Michael Babbs.

New Albany Police says the two men were found dead in the kitchen.

"We have determined that there are no obvious signs of trauma to either one of these individuals, but the cause of death is still unknown at this point in time," said Bailey.

Melissa Devine says they were found in her grandmother's home. She says her grandma lived there with a friend, and these two men knew that friend.

"After finding them and what my uncle told her, she is just hysterical," said Devine.

Family members say both men floated between different homes.

"We aren't exactly sure what happened," said Jeanie Bloomer, sister of Gregory Bloomer. "We think maybe he was asleep, maybe it was carbon monoxide."

"The chances are it could have been something with the furnace or something, but right now they are looking at the investigation more as a drug and alcohol problem type deal," said Wynn.

"They were just drinkers and they were probably drinking last night and went to sleep and never woke up," said Bloomer.

Police say they are investigating all scenarios, as friends and family try to deal with their loss.

"He'll be missed and is loved by a lot of people," said Wynn.

"We do love him and we want everyone to know if you have problems, reach out to your family, reach out to your friends, reach out to someone, somebody will help you, don't let yourself be another victim of a bad life," said Bloomer.

Gregory Bloomer was just released from the Floyd County Jail a few days ago. He was booked on alcohol related charges. This past June, Babbs was injured in a house fire in Jeffersonville.

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