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Firefighter injured; man rescued from home

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - One firefighter was injured and three other people were taken to the hospital after a house fire at 926 South Jackson Street Sunday morning.

Lieutenant Colonel Glen Nally, Assistant Fire Chief of Louisville Fire & Rescue said firefighters found heavy fire in the back of the 2-story home just before 7:30a.m.

Nally said the fire began on the first floor of the home, traveled through the attic and spread to the second floor of the home. Three people were inside the home when the fire broke out. Nally said the two people on the first floor, a man and a woman, were able to get out of the house safely. However, one man was trapped inside the home and had to be rescued by ladder from the second floor of the home. All three were taken to a local hospital; no word on their injuries.

Mary Kenzer said she received a call when she was at work to let her know her parents' home was on fire. She said her uncle was the person firefighters rescued.

"I grew up in this house," Kenzer said, [and] "to see all my childhood memories and everything go up in flames, it was pretty heartbreaking. This was a gathering for the holidays for everybody to come home to. So now to see it gone is just very devastating," she said.

Nally said firefighters initially had difficulty getting inside the home and pulled crews away for fear of collapse. But they were eventually able to get inside the house to fight the flames.

"There was a lot of different items throughout the house and it made it extremely difficult for our personnel to gain access," Nally said.

Nally says the fire may have been started by a space heater in the front of the home. Kenzer said her family turns their space heaters off at night, but she said she thinks her dad turned it back on Sunday morning.

"He started to smell something and I think he was actually trying to put the fire out himself and my mother was like 'let's go...let's go' and it's a good thing they did get out," Kenzer said.

Two firefighters were taken to University hospital. One was taken as a precaution and another slipped and fell.

Nally says the home has quite a bit of smoke damage. A neighboring home to the north had significant external damage, but the fire did not reach the inside of the home.

Freezing temperatures made it "extremely difficult" for crews to fight the fire.

"You get going and your adrenaline is pumped up and eventually the cold hits, so that gets pretty miserable. Plus, obviously some issues with icing up and slipping."

An extra engine was called in to fight the blaze in the two-story frame building.

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