TRIMARC keeps watch of the icy roadways

Tim Emington
Tim Emington

By Lori Lyle - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - When winter weather moves into Kentuckiana, TRIMARC moves into high gear keeping track of motorists along interstate highways.

Using 75 cameras positioned throughout interstates in Jefferson County, operations manager Tim Emington says his TRIMARC operators have a lot to monitor.

"We also have about 68 detectors that monitor the movements of the traffic on the roadways," said Emington. "Our operators watch for any kind of traffic that is slowing, stopping on the interstates. We see what the incident is and we dispatch the proper assets to get it cleaned up and get traffic moving again."

Terry Carter works with one of TRIMARC'S contracted companies, Samaritania. A certified EMT, trained firefighter and registered mechanic, Carter is  always prepared for whatever the roadways may bring.

"The side of the freeway is just not a very safe place to be," said Carter.

With every call he takes, Carter says he is on a mission.

"The quicker we can get you off safely the better," said Carter.

On days with snow and ice covered roadways in an already unpredictable traffic flow, Carter says the side of the highway is "a very dangerous place to stop."

Often before a motorist can even make the call, a TRIMARC crew is on the way. Whether it's a flat tire or a slide-off, the crews help to keep roadways safe in every kind of weather.

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