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Southern Indiana salt crews battle snow

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CLARK COUNTY, IN (WAVE) – The farther north you traveled on Tuesday, the more snow you saw. Crews worked around the clock to clear roadways in southern Indiana.

Overnight and into Tuesday morning salt truck drivers worked to stay one step ahead, before motorists hit the streets.

"I had to drive all the way to Evansville this morning," said Deb Bell.

Bell headed out early from Indianapolis. "It was horrible, but it beat going north where everybody was stopped, but it was still really hard with all the snow and slush, finally it cleared up around Louisville, but it was still treacherous getting down there."

She wasn't alone, despite most area schools canceled, many folks still had to get to work.

"It was 45 mph going in, and 45 mph coming home," said David Klauer.

"Early this morning the roads were pretty bad, but then I would say around 9 o'clock they started clearing off pretty good," said Dave Sheppard.

In Clark County, I-65 and the Kennedy Bridge were shut down for hours after a semi hit the median, spilling the chemical calcium carbide.

"Shortly after that crash we had two crashes at the nine mile-marker on the southbound side," said Sgt. Jerry Goodin with Indiana State Police.  "We had several lane restrictions there, and obviously had some major backups there, so we kind of had a double whammy hit us in that area all at one time."

Marvin Jenkins with INDOT says other than that, some good news is there were very few weather related incidents in southern Indiana.

"We can clear the roads, we can have the people out there working, but the motorists have to assist and drive appropriately for the weather conditions," said Jenkins.

Conditions many are getting use to this season, as another busy snow day comes to an end.

"I've only lived in there area for 15 years now and this is the most snow I've ever seen in 15 years," said Klauer.

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