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Indiana Goodwill sells discounted books online

Candice Barksdale Candice Barksdale
Daniel Bamforth Daniel Bamforth

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CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) – A Kentuckiana Goodwill store is now selling textbooks and thousands of other books online.

Goodwill Bridgepointe in Clarksville launched e-Books just a few months ago and they have already seen great success. They are selling more than 100 books a day and only hope to grow from here.

Thousands of books have been shipped out all across the United States.

"Most of my product goes to California, New York, and Texas," said Daniel Bamforth, e-Books Coordinator. "It's everywhere."

The books are sold everywhere, but the profits stay right here in southern Indiana.

"We post our books that have more value online and we can get $5, $10, $50, more up to what they are really worth with translates into more services for people in need," said Candice Barksdale, CEO of Goodwill Bridgepointe.

Out of the 3000, gently used, book inventory, 30% are textbooks.

"Interestingly enough the text books are some of our best sellers and some of the items that we get the best price for," said Barksdale.

"The textbook sales have been awesome, especially at the beginning of the semester and at the end of the semester we get a lot of text book sales," said Bamforth.

Bamforth says most college bookstores can't beat the prices.

"We have a variety of them, I can't promise that they will all be there, but most of them are going to be there," said Bamforth. "We provide accounting, economics, government, all kinds of books."

e-Books started shipping in September and now on weekends they are selling more than 300 books.

"I knew it would be successful, because other Goodwills are doing it and reporting success, but I had no idea in the few short months we've been doing this how successful it would be for us," said Barksdale.

E-books is not just about books, they also sell DVDs, CDs and video games.

To browse Goodwill Bridgepointe's inventory, click on one of the following links.

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