Woman says officer pulled gun; attorney claims otherwise

Alexis Howard
Alexis Howard
Keith Kamenish
Keith Kamenish
McDonald's, 2nd and Broadway
McDonald's, 2nd and Broadway

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville woman spoke to WAVE 3 about an incident that happened nearly a year ago. On February 21, 2010, Alexis Howard said a man, who was later identified a Louisville Metro Police officer, pointed his gun at her outside the McDonald's on Broadway and Second Street. Derrick Leachman has been charged with menacing, wanton endangerment and disorderly conduct.

Howard spoke only to WAVE 3. She said at the time of the incident, she did not know Leachman was a police officer, but says she found out shortly after.

"It hurts me because you're supposed to be an officer representing and protecting and serving us," said Howard. "The kids. The older people. The mentally disabled people. How could you? How could you?"

Howard says on February 21, Leachman walked into McDonald's on Broadway and Second Street mad about his salad.

"He slammed it on the counter and was talking to the employees at the restaurant," Howard said.

According to Howard, it got worse when a disabled employee touched Leachman to let him know there were packets of ketchup on the floor.

"The man [Leachman] turns around and tells the disabled man and told him don't F****** touch me. Get your F****** hands off me," Howard recollected.

Howard says Leachman's foul language intensified when her friend, Sarah, made a comment to that employee.

"B***, stop meddling. You're in my M***** F****** conversation. This ain't got nothing to do with you," said Howard quoting Leachman.

Howard says that is when she politely asked Leachman to stop cursing. Before Leachman left the restaurant, Howard said he called her a "fat B****". Howard admitted she followed Leachman outside and said the arguing continued in the parking lot, escalating with a gun.

"He reached down and pulled up a brown holster. [There was[ a gun in there and [he] was like 'back the F*** up'. What the F*** are y'all going to do? Back the F*** up," Howard recalled.

But Keith Kamenish, the attorney representing Leachman, says that is not the way it played out.

"I know what they say happened, but Officer Leachman and some of the witnesses don't exactly agree," said Kamenish.

While Kamenish would not expand on his client's version of the story, he did make one thing clear - Leachman did not point his gun at anyone.

"Once he left the restaurant, had they stayed inside we wouldn't be here. They followed him outside, the two of them," Kamenish said. "I think the real thing is trying to get to the truth of what actually happened and to determine what, if any, lines were crossed."

Kamenish says there is surveillance video inside, but not outside McDonald's. Kamenish also says he does not believe there is a case of wanton endangerment or menacing against his client.

Leachman has been on paid administrative leave from the 2nd Division since July. Kamenish hopes to settle the dispute soon.

Leachman's next court appearance was scheduled for early February.

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