Cafeteria worker at middle school accused of drinking on the job

Carrie Elbert (source: Floyd County Sheriff's Office)
Carrie Elbert (source: Floyd County Sheriff's Office)

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FLOYDS KNOBS, IN (WAVE) - A cafeteria worker at a southern Indiana middle school has been fired after she was confronted for allegedly drinking on the job. She was subsequently arrested after struggling with the school's resource officer who was questioning her.

Carrie Elbert was arrested at Highland Hills Middle School on Jan. 3. The Floyd County Sheriff's Office says the cafeteria manager reported to school officials that she suspected Elbert was drunk.

According to Floyd County Sheriff Darrell Mills, Elbert was approached by the Mark Spurgeon, the School Resource Officer, in the parking lot of the school where she was on an unauthorized break in her car.

While talking with Elbert, he noticed an open bottle of vodka in her car. She failed several field sobriety tests and a breathalyzer indicated her blood alcohol content was .14 - nearly twice the legal limit.

Mills says Elbert tried to drive away, and had to be restrained by Spurgeon. During a brief struggle, she sustained a busted lip when she was brought to the ground.

Elbert is charged with public intoxication and resisting law enforcement.

Even though Elbert does not hold a teaching position at the school, he says her conduct sets a bad example, because cafeteria workers see almost every student each day.

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