Yarmuth weighs in on weapons after AZ shooting; 2005 law expiration

By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - In light of the events in Arizona over the weekend, Congressional safety is becoming a big topic, and so is gun possession.

It's put the ban on assault weapons, which expired in 2005, into the spotlight again.

We caught up with Louisville's Democratic Third District Rep. John Yarmuth to get his thoughts on the issue.

"I would have voted to retain the assault ban on weapons in 2004, but that proposal is not in front of us again," Yarmuth said. "The only thing that I'm aware of us is to ban the sale of high capacity clips and I think that's something we should do. I don't think we're going to spend the 112th Congress talking about gun control."

Safety measures are being reviewed all across Congress, but it shouldn't be limited to just gun safety, Yarmuth says.

"Access to weapons, mental healthcare, the issue of being able to conceal a weapon, ammunition clips - all of those things are important to talk about," Yarmuth said.

Yarmuth says while the tragedy in Tucson meant a break for lawmakers in Washington, it won't stop Congress from returning to business.

In fact, a vote is expected next week on whether to repeal the recently passed healthcare law.

"The week that we just spent was a very somber one," Yarmuth said. "I think there was this sense that we do have a common bond. And I noticed a very different tone in Congress."

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